Hazel Harrison (left) is a Tobacco Reduction & Cessation Expert and the Author of an upcoming book on quitting smoking.

In July 2000, Hazel quit smoking by creating a customized program for herself. Her program worked so well that she became a non-smoker in less than a month. Graduating from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario Canada, earning her Psychology degree in 2006, Hazel spent the past eight years researching, developing and testing her new smoking cessation technology.

Understanding the struggles of trying to stop smoking and knowing just how easy her method was to use, she decided to create the Quit My Way system, a smoking cessation app that helps people gradually wean themselves off nicotine.

Quit My Way is the first of its kind to combine the physician’s guiding principle of ‘Do No Harm’ with Trigger Diffusion, Motivation, Education and Support creating the smartest smoking cessation technology this generation has ever seen.